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Mercury Morris: Making Right Choices:Image-Photo-Picture


Making Right Choices

Eugene Edward Morris was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. Mr. Morris attended Avonworth High School and graduated in 1965. Mr. Morris attended West Texas State University from 1965-1969. While attending West Texas State University, Mr. Morris received all American honors as a tailback in 1967 and 1968. It was while attending West Texas State University, and rushing for more yards that any other runner in the history of college football, that Mr. Morris received his trademark nick name of "Mercury". Morris, at that time, was the only player to ever break all three rushing marks of the most yards in one game, one season and all time. In one game, Mercury carried 35 times for 341 yards and four touchdowns.

In 1969, Mercury Morris was drafted in the third round by the Miami Dolphins. He started out as a kick return specialist and on his first attempt, against Cincinnati, he returned the kick 105 yards for a touchdown, which was the second longest in the NFL record book. Mercury also won the AFC kick return championship in 1971. In 1972-73, Mercury played on back to back world championship teams. His best two seasons as a pro were also the best two seasons enjoyed by the Miami Dolphins, as well as any club in NFL history, amassing 32 wins in 34 games including a 1972 "17-0" perfect season, which is yet to be equalled. During those two seasons, Mercury Morris became the most feared man in the backfield capable of scoring at anytime--and anywhere on the field. Mercury rushed for a thousand yards in 1972 and he, along with teammate Larry Csonka, earned a spot in pro football's Hall of Fame record books by becoming the first backs to gain 1,000 yards in the backfield in a 14 game season. In 1976, due to injuries, Mercury decided to retire from the game.

In 1982, seven years after leaving professional football, Mercury Morris was arrested, tried and convicted on charges of conspiracy and trafficking in cocaine and, as a result thereof, served three and one-half years in prison. On March 6, 1986, the Florida Supreme Court, by an overwhelming 5-1 decision, declared that Mercury Morris was not given a fair trial, in that evidence which could have helped Morris prove his innocence, was not permitted. Morris was released from prison a free man-- free from the charges brought against him, but more importantly, free from the self abuse which plagued him after his football career ended. Mercury has had the unique experience of seeing two distinct sides of our society which only certain segments of our population have the opportunity to experience. Mercury Morris has both an enlightening perspective and distinctly different message about what is happening in our society. Mercury offers both information and understanding to the question, "Why do we do the things we do?" He has been seen on Nightline, The Today Show, CNN, The Larry King Show, Good Morning America, The NBC Nightly News (special segment), McNeil-Leher News Hour, CBS Morning News, Oprah Winfrey Show, The Geraldo Show, Donahue, 48 Hours and he is a celebrity guest host on CNBC Talk Live.

Today Mercury Morris speaks about possibility and making right choices. He has been on the lecture circuit for past seven years. He is married to Bobbie Morris and five boys and a girl including sons in their twenties and has twin boys five years old. Mercury's goal in life is to make a difference, and he doing just that.

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