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Former HealthSouth CFO Speaks On Corporate Fraud

The power and quality of a keynote speech is immediately recognizable. It’s measured in an audience’s standing ovation, a reflection of their overwhelming feeling of inspiration and empowerment. It’s obvious in the real change you notice in your company’s employees after they’ve come to understand the kind of clear thinking shared by a professional keynote speaker. It’s evident in the positive emotional change that happens in an individual’s life when he or she finally realizes that each and every one of us has the ability to achieve any imaginable goal.

When a speech works, the knowing smiles that an audience’s members share is a simple but inspiring message: “Yes, I can!”

When planning a corporate event, a company meeting, a business convention or any of a number of varieties of high-quality gatherings, you may find yourself wondering where you might find a motivational keynote speaker that will be guaranteed to coax that heart-warming grin that only the best in the business can inspire.

As an event planner, you’ve got a million and one things do to. Waste absolutely none of your important event-organizing time on worrying where you might find a convincing, compelling speaker by turning to, the premier, national experts on keynote speakers.

Choose from any of a number of speech topics using the categories listed on the easy-to-use drop-down list on our site, and rest assured that you’ll find a wise, insightful, well-spoken, entertaining speaker to meet the needs of your next event.’s wide roster of keynote speakers specialize in many persuasive speech topics, and features only the best business keynote speakers you can find.

Although it might seem like a good idea to save a few bucks, don’t make the mistake so many event planners in hiring an amateur: Only a professional motivational keynote speaker has mastered the art of interpersonal communication such that they can speak with a large audience.

Without a doubt, your company employs many successful colleagues in your field, but how many of us clam up in fear at the thought of speaking in front of an audience? Furthermore, the fresh ideas and inspiring speeches that a professional speaker has mastered will ensure that your company gets off the hamster wheel of a resistance to change and makes confident strides toward tomorrow’s solutions to today’s problems.

Anyone who has attended a college or high school graduation or who has heard an eloquently spoken keynote speaker at another kind of event should realize that a keynote speech is no small matter, and should not be considered with frivolity. A professional keynote speaker provides road signs to life, emotional and spiritual guidance, cognitive clarity, wise philosophy and many other forms of positive thinking. A truly professional keynote speaker knows that an address before an audience is a life-changing moment for many, and it is not to be taken for granted.

Save time and frustration and simply browse through’s list of professional speakers, many of whom are known for having given nationally famous speeches.

At the end of the day, when your event is over and its participants are returning to their daily lives, their enduring smiles will be all the proof you’ll need to show that a motivational keynote speaker from is always the right choice.


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